Humanität, Umwelt, Zeit, Beziehungen, Reisen, Abenteuer, Sport, Erotik, Entwicklung (Kindheit, Erwachsenwerden), Politik und zwar ironisch, satirisch und kritisch

'Slapstick' (curious or crazy idea)

Klaus Luxem uses to find these pieces in books, actual papers, magazines, posters and old papers in very good second-hand bookshops where old pictures and maps are stored, too. He starts to work without knowing anything about the result. The "leader" seems to be his subconscious only because there are connections to his actual life but also to anything in the his childhood often. The titles are found at last and in different languages and often by the help of his wife who he calls his "Muse".

Up to now there are more than 100 works after more than 30 years. There had been times he didn't create anything but then "something forced" him to sit down and start with the next picture or often some of them.

Klaus Luxem is born on 11th of August 1949 in Leverkusen-Opladen close to Cologne on the Rhine. Already while he was young he practised art and had his own ideas in working with figures which were lost by a mistake unfortunately. He was not allowed by his parents to study art and psychology. So he studied business and later teaching at school. Working for economy for some years and as a teacher so far couldn't stop him from living his creativity and talent.