Humanität, Umwelt, Zeit, Beziehungen, Reisen, Abenteuer, Sport, Erotik, Entwicklung (Kindheit, Erwachsenwerden), Politik und zwar ironisch, satirisch und kritisch


to Klaus Luxem

Klaus Luxem

Even people who are not able to easily interpret the art of collague, will become enthusiastic about the shapes, unusual and exceptional combination of colours, harmony of lines and arrangements, as well as the often ambignous titles.

Klaus' high level of creativity and originality distinguishes his artistic design in each individual piece of work.  The originals are not made by computer, but are in fact handmade in the original manner and technique of collagues: being put together of many different pieces, to create a wonderful new piece of art.

If you would like more information regarding giclee of collagues, please utilize an internet search engine. 

If you have any questions, please contact Klaus Luxem or his wife, Hildegard Olnhoff-Luxem at . Please allow up to two weeks for a response due to the high volume of requests.

Please have a look at "works".  These pictures are very special.  Some of them compare with Neo-Surrealism, and others with Pop Art, with more pieces coming soon.

Information in English you can get from the artist or his wife. You only have to write a message to